Daniel cram selling house


It has been said that the sale of anything happens when the Value exceeds the Price. That is exactly what I help you do. Build value. I won’t just list your property on the MLS, take a couple pictures and forget about it! I want your house SOLD. So how I am going to do that better than you on your own or better than another realtor. Here is my plan to sell your house;

  1. Market evaluation, let’s look at what homes similar to yours have sold for and what they are listed for.
  2. Quality Photos, I can take amazing photos of your homes using special lenses designed to enhance the photos of large rooms and small rooms, this helps build value in every room in your home, not just the big ones.
  3. Video Slide show with descriptions, I take these amazing photos of your home and build a beautiful slide show, each photo can have a description and the video is accompanied by music. People spend and average of 2 minutes longer on a website that contains video, you want people spending more time looking at your house than somebody else’s. Follow this link to check one out.
  4. Market your home across different media, your home will be marketed on MLS, Facebook(click here to like my face book page), Pinterest, on my website, mobile website and through my I-PHONE AP(click here to download)
  5. 360 degree virtual tours, I can take some amazing photos of special rooms in your house and when the potential buyers click on it feels like you are actually in the room, follow this link to check one out.
  6. Custom Brochures, let me build a customer brochure for your house that a potential buyer can take with them that not only describes that property but also shows some key photos and has a list oof your homes benfits.
  7. Finally when I am not showing or listing a home I am actively making contacts with potential buyers and sellers, I am not just going to sit and wait, I am going to work HARD TO SELL YOUR HOME NOW.

Benefits of listing with the Daniel Cram Selling Team

I begin with a factual market evaluation. This trustworthy evaluation is based upon sold properties; I will honestly inform you about what the market is indicating your home will sell for.

5 Punch Marketing Tools consisting of Video, Social, Online, Paper and Telephone

  1. Video: I create an impressive video presentation, using high quality photography equipment that combines a description of your property, images, and music. These videos display the value of your property and provide buyers with a visual representation of your home. Statistics show the benefits of video, revealing that people will view an Internet webpage containing a video up to two minutes longer than a page without a video. These videos are posted on YouTube, Facebook, Animoto.com, Sutton.com, Realtor.ca, MLS.com, point2.com, danielcram.ca, etc…
  2. Social: I market your home on my professional Facebook page where people can view my listings and also have access to searching MLS.com. Facebook is an extremely beneficial way of marketing your home as it the most used website in the world.
  3. Online: I market your home on my website (danielcram.ca), my mobile site, my personalized app (for iPhone or Android), on MLS.ca, on Kijiji, point2 realtor, MLS.ca, Realtor.ca, homesandland.com, Facebook.com, Sutton.com, You tube, Animoto.com, and the Grande Prairie Real Estate Board. I want your home’s listing to be easily accessed for all audiences. Potential buyers look in various places so we want your home listed in as many places as possible!
  4. Paper: This is the most traditional form of advertising, but still just as effective.  I have an advertisement in the bargain hunter as well as a full page advertisement in the Homes & Land magazine. This method of advertising is another way I can sell to an audience of various ages.
  5. Telephone: I am able to keep in touch with my clients through the use of my professional follow up system. I set aside 3 hours a day for follow up. Each of my listings are contacted at least once a week to be kept updated. I also aim to obtain 10 new clients daily. When contacted, I take down contact information in order to follow through on client’s interests.
     I, with the help of my assistant, strive to offer clients an effective and top quality service. We want you to gain the most value for your dollar and get your home SOLD