Your acreage isn’t like everyone else’s so we need to build a custom plan to show the special value that your acreage has!

In the time I have been selling acreages, I have learned the questions that almost every single acreage buyer asks, so I’ve built this plan to help answer these questions so that when they come and see your acreage they leave with as few questions as possible;

  • Acreage Brochure – I build a custom full-color brochure and put it in your home in presentation folders so that when buyers come with agents they will have the answers to their questions. I include a full-color MLS sheet, overhead photo with property lines, zoning information, well information if available, info on septic if available and any other bonus information. The MLS description only allows for 1000 characters and acreages often have way more value and info to talk about
  • Custom Signage – I have special acreage signs built that in big letters say “ ACREAGE FOR SALE” and we put them at intersections leading to your acreage to grab attention
  • Center Page Homes and Land Acreage Page – I have a special page in the homes and land magazine just for county properties where we will feature your acreage.

If you have an acreage and would like to discuss your options, just give me a call at 780.814.9482.



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