Benefits of listing with the Daniel Cram Selling Team

I won’t just tell you what I think your home is worth. I am going to show you what the market says your home will sell for.

Professional Marketing

3D Virtual Tours: my professional photographer does a 3d tour starting from the outside of your property and goes through every room in your home. A buyer can now go on their phone, tablet or computer and really get a feel for the layout of your home.

Professional Photos: statistics show that professional photos make your home sell faster and for more money because it draws people in, if people don’t like the first couple photos they move onto the next listings. My photographer specializes in Real Estate, has state of the art equipment and edits the photos to create WOW and POP!

Social Media

People spend more time on facebook than any other website or app. I use a program on city blast to market your property to Facebook, Linked in and Twitter. I also do targeted facebook advertising on everyone of my listings


15+ sites in 24hrs! As soon as Professional photos are complete my marketing team starts the work of posting your home on as my websites as possible! (, my mobile site, my personalized app (for iPhone or Android), on Kijiji, point2 realtor,,,,,, Youtube,, Twitter and the Grande Prairie Real Estate Board, and Linkedin. I want your home’s listing to be easily accessed for all audiences. We want to get your home in front of as many people as possible


Homes and Land is the most effective form of print advertising in our area. You can’t help but pick it up and look through it even when you aren’t looking for a home. I have the two centre pages of the homes and land which is the #1 spot and I guarantee you a spot in the homes and land.

Follow up and 24/7 Listing Concierge

I am dedicated to follow up, every Friday at 2:30pm I contact all my listings. I have a professional real estate data base that helps me stay in touch with buyers and people I have worked with in the past. I dedicate time daily for follow up! When there has been a showing on your home my assistant contact the realtor to get feedback and delivers it to you unfiltered.

I, with the help of my assistant, strive to offer clients an effective and top quality service. We want you to gain the most value for your dollar and get your home SOLD.

Questions I Get Asked

What makes you different from other Realtors?

Skills, Goals, Experience
I have been in commission sales for over 14 years and I have excelled in every position, I have received the best training in sales, communication and negotiating and I have travelled across North America to get it. I am constantly reading and learning and working at getting better. I always set short term and long term goals for sales and training to keep pushing myself to provide better service to my clients.

Follow up
How many times have you been interested in buying something and didn’t because nobody got back to you? I have a professional Real Estate follow up program to keep in contact with prospective buyers.

How many homes do you actually sell?

In 2013 my first year I sold 75 homes from April to Dec. In 2014 I did 127 sales, in the 2015 the volume of homes Sold was down 33% and I again Sold 127 homes, in 2016 I did 87 Sales, in 2017 I am at 115 year to date and I am the #2 agent in Grande Prairie!

Do you sell my home or just list it?

In 2017 I have done 50 listing sales and 65 buyer sales. I love working with buyers and seeing the look on their face when they take possession of their first home, it’s a huge step for them and I love being a part of it

Why shouldn’t I just list with a discount brokerage?

It's just a marketing ploy to get in your door. The odds of you actually paying a lower commission is very low, in fact almost every Discount brokerage listing offers me a full commission if I sell the property. Who do you think comes up with that money?

Nobody likes to be undercut, a lot of agents in Grande Prairie (I'm not one of these) don’t even want to show a Discount brokerage listed home because they are undercutting everyone and in reality people aren't paying 2% unless the listing actually brings the buyer

Less marketing. Because they charge less they give less, they don’t have assistants helping them out and getting agents into your home ASAP.

The average discount brokerage house sells for less money and takes longer to sell!

My 19 step plan of action = Your home sold

1) Price your home competitively and advertise a full selling commission to entice buyers to buy and agents to sell.

2) Suggest and advise as to any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable. Clean, Declutter, and Purge!! Take away any reason for a buyer to have an excuse to say NO!

3) Get the FOR SALE sign up & lock box on.

4) Book the professional photographer

5) Work on 3d tour and attach it to every website that your home is marketed on

6) Market your home using professional photos and 3d tour on 15+ different websites within 24hrs

7) Go through my list of buyers that are looking for homes and see who might want to view it

8) Prospect 2 hours per day and talk to 20 people per day looking for potential buyers.

9) Contact, over the next seven days … my CORE 100 clients, and Past Clients for their referrals and prospective buyers

10) Check the Realtor Facebook page to see if any Realtors have buyers looking for a home like yours

11) Check  listings that have Sold in the area to see if any Realtors may have another client interested

12) Promote your home to the other Realtors at Sutton.

13) Only show your home to qualified buyers until it is sold. If they aren’t pre-qualified help them out!

14) My Team will Follow‐up with Realtors who have shown your home, and send you their feedback

15) My Team will communicate with you, weekly, the results of our activities.

16) We will keep you informed of changes in the marketplace and homes sold in your area.

17) I will assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value … between you and the buyer.

18) I will Represent you on all offer presentations & assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms.

19) My Team will handle all the follow‐up upon a contract being accepted … all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.

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